Back in 2010, the world went through a bit of a catharsis thanks to the documentary The People vs George Lucas. The semi-comedy based film explored the insane fandom surrounding the Star Wars universe, and its disapproval for the ways in which Lucas has handled key elements of the property. The film was a beautiful look at fandom and how much right it has to control artistic vision. The main question it sought to answer was: does Lucas have the right to continue messing with existing elements of the franchise when it’s so engrained with the pop-culture consciousness? It’s hard to imagine anyone would ever consider a sequel to the film, but then again, that was before Disney came in and announced they had acquired Lucas Film and was planning to produce new Star Wars entries for the very near future.

Announced today on the official site: “THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS – EPISODE II will draw the curtain on the examination of the most complex relationship between a creator and his fans in the world of popular culture, asking the question: what does the future of Star Wars look like without George Lucas?” Fans are encourages to send their “rants, parodies, fan films, images, songs, and creative speculations about STAR WARS – EPISODE VII” to links provided on the site.

The film’s set for release in December 2015, you know, right around the time J. J. Abrams Star Wars: Episode VII is set to hit theaters.

Oh, and there’s a new poster. Yay!


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