Not that it should come as any surprise to you, but LEGO versions of some of our favorite films and TV series have been as popular as they’ve ever been. Just over the last few months, you’ve seen SerenityGuardians of The Galaxy, a Star Wars Star Destroyer, and Game of Thrones get realized in LEGO form. Now, real life LEGO Master Builder Ryan Ziegelbauer has taken on replicating, brick-by-brick, Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel.

Ahead of the Blu-ray and DVD release of Grand Budapest Hotel on June 17th, Ziegelbauer and his team took on this task that involved more than opening a cardboard box and following colorful diagrams. Ziegelbauer intricately planned the entire project on what seems to be a professional drafting program and sourced special LEGO bricks from all over the world. Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Italy, and several states here in the good ol’ U.S. of A sent in over 50,000 bricks exactly matching Wes Anderson’s wonderful color palette for The Grand Budapest.

The finished model is so detailed that you probably looked twice or maybe a dozen times at the picture above to see where the hint of LEGO bricks are.  It almost looks like Ziegelbauer took a snapshot of the movie poster, but, as you’ll see in their time-lapse video of the model build, it’s indeed a painstakingly accurate recreation of Zubrowka’s most storied establishment. The entire process took over 575 hours to complete and given Wes Anderson’s penchant for detail, he would probably give his stamp of approval.

Also, Anderson would probably love the fact that the man behind the recreating The Grand Budapest in a mountain above Nebelsbad in Zubrowka has the family name of Ziegelbauer.

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