The First SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL Trailer Is Here

With the long-awaited reboot of Sailor Moon just a month away, we finally get our first look at the new anime series, Sailor Moon Crystal, and it’s incredible!

Naoko Takeuchi’s drawings have truly come to life, as the characters are drawn to the likeness of the original manga’s counterparts, with giant eyes and long-limbed figures. The new anime doesn’t forget to pay homage to the original series, however, as the setting and character movements are nearly the same, at least from what I can infer from the trailer. Luna’s jump is almost identical to the way she leaps in the original anime’s first episode, and that iconic Sailor Moon pose! Swoon.

Judge for yourself with the trailer below:

I don’t know a lick of Japanese, but I’m so, so happy that they brought back Kotono Mitsuishi to voice Usagi. It’s an incredible sense of nostalgia and I got goosebumps as I watched the trailer. She does sound older, but it’s fitting for the more mature look of the new anime.

And can we give a round of applause to the theme song “Moon Pride” performed by Momoiro Clover Z? The guitar solo featured in the trailer is so epic! If the style of the tune sounds familiar, it’s because the theme is composed by Revo of Linked Horizon, the same musician who created the opening theme to Attack on Titan.

Sailor Moon Crystal premieres on July 5th via Niconico and I’m anxiously counting down the days!

How do you feel about the new look of the Crystal series? Let us know in the comments below!

HT: Anime News Network

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