Ralph McQuarrie may be known best for his artistic contributions to Star Wars, but that’s far from the only franchise he produced work for. Dreams and Visions Press wants to release a coffee table book featuring “the largest collection of Ralph McQuarrie’s non-Star Wars art ever published.” They’ve turned to Kickstarter to make The Art of Ralph McQuarrie: Archiveshappen; their goal is set at $50,000.

A volume of McQuarrie’s extensive non-Star Wars work was once published in 2007, but it’s out of print and therefore extremely expensive – if you can even track it down. This new version of the art book will be more affordable, and one third of the book will feature work not in the previous edition. The 432 pages of The Art of Ralph McQuarrie: Archives will include technical illustrations, book covers, movie posters, television and film concept art (including art from Forbidden Planet and E.T. among others), and personal art. You’ll be able to see McQuarrie’s process, too, since the book will include thumbnails and rough sketches.

Ralph McQuarrie Archives book 1

Backers of the project can choose between two editions for the book: a hardcover version with printed covers or a deluxe version that is cloth bound and individually numbered. The latter comes inside a presentation case; it’s pictured below.

Ralph McQuarrie Archives book 2

The Kickstarter project has 25 more days to reach it’s $50,000 goal. Reward levels range from $5 to $7,500. The highest level gets you an original vintage portfolio print from The Empire Strikes Back featuring Luke on his tauntaun. It’s signed by McQuarrie and paired with one of his paintbrushes. You can pledge $65 if you just want a hardcover copy of The Art of Ralph McQuarrie: Archives book.

HT: RebelForce Radio, top image from the Kickstarter video

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