Can we all agree that Netflix wins at life? From getting a virtual fist-bump from President Obama on the premiere day of House of Cards Season 2 to “adding” the fake movies and TV shows to their Instant streaming service in anticipation of resurrecting the cult favorite Arrested Development, Netflix has once again created a nice little Easter Egg in honor of the Friday premiere of Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black.

Featuring the uncredited narrator from Arrested Development (psst! It’s Ron Howard…), Netflix has released a new opening credits sequence telling “the story of a wealthy girl who lost everything, and the one family who had no choice but to help her keep it together.”

So awesome, right? While there are no signs of any more Arrested Development heading our way in the immediate future, at least Netflix knows how to get their fans excited! The clever use of any reference to the Bluth’s will have to do until we can finally get our Arrested movie. Fortunately for us, we’ve got alternate and equally great programming like the Golden Globe nominated Orange Is the New Black to keep us entertained. Fans of the series can also rest easy knowing that OITNB has already been renewed for a third season and as of last fall, was reported by Netflix to be their most watched original series. Yes, that includes House of Cards!

Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black premieres this Friday, June 6 and can be found streaming instantly on Netflix.

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