Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘Tropical Chancer’ by La Roux

Its been such a long time since La Roux rolled out new material that the last time I thought about her involved drooling over Anna Kendrick’s Pitch Perfect “The Sign”/”Bulletproof” mashup that pushed the Barden Bellas through to the finals. Yes, I remember the fictional all-female a capella team name from that movie. No, I am not the least bit ashamed of that.

But all good things require diligence, patience, and sometimes, crazy swooping hair that looks exactly like a tidal wave. Currently riding the swell (badoom-ch) of her recent comeback with songs like the “Lets Dance”-esque “Uptight Dowtown” and the expansive “Let Me Down Gently,” La Roux’s latest track, “Tropical Chancer” sounds like a riddim-inflected version of “Get Lucky.” It is a totally new direction from La Roux and a really refreshing break from the sort of dense electronics that populated her breakthrough self-titled debut album. Based on all these new tracks, I have a very solid feeling about her sophomore effort, Trouble In Paradise, due out July 8th via Cherrytree/Interscope.

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