Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘Relative’ by Wray

Treading closely to the polyglot sonic territory that DIIV explored on their impressive debut in 2012, Wray have released a very promising single from their forthcoming eponymous debut album. “Relative” conjurs an elongated gloomy corridor with semi-illuminated corners. The pretty guitar work drones on down a satisfyingly repetitive path, always lurching forward, adding distortion and the prerequisite sorta-intelligible shoegazey vocals. I hear many of the reference points, but not in an on-the-nose way, which is why I am excited to delve further into the Birmingham-based band’s sound when they release their album on July 15 via Communicating Vessels.

But speaking of reference points, there is something about the introduction to this gauzy dreampop/shoegaze/kraut track that really reminds me of element from No Age’s Brain Burner”, the theme song from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Wu Lyf’s “We Bros.” Perhaps that eerie/vague feeling of familiarity is something they will flesh out. We shall see!

Check out “Relative” below, and definitely let us know what you think in the comments below and on twitter at Nerdist Music!

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