Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘Fancy feat. Reba McEntire’ by Iggy Azalea (A Mashup)

The AV club brought this mashup to my attention yesterday and it could not go ignored. When the singer/model from Australia, Iggy Azala first released “Fancy,” the world gobbled it up and screamed, “THIS WILL BE OUR SONG OF THE SUMMER!” in unison. And why wouldn’t they? When a pretty blonde girl sings and raps catchy lyrics in a music video dedicated to the 1995 classic, Clueless, it’s raising the bar. The 90s are back, nerds, and Iggy, along with an Urban Outfitters near you, are leading the fad in a huge way.

It was only a matter of time before someone realized when you google “Fancy,” Iggy’s song falls beneath Reba McEntire’s country hit Fancy, thus giving us something we never knew we needed, a country-rap-twangy-bubblegum mashup for the ages.

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