MORTAL KOMBAT X Announced With First Teaser Trailer

After a kouple of weeks of twitter trolling and teasing, Ed Boon and his team at NetherRealm studios have made their official announcement of Mortal Kombat X, which is set to hit stores sometime in 2015.


Warner Bros. Interactive has konfirmed that Mortal Kombat X is heading to the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in 2015. The game will make its “first public appearance” at E3 next week.

Now folks get to spend this week speculating about a kouple of things– like how klose MKX’s in-game engine will be graphically in komparison to this teaser trailer. Or whether the “X” in the title stands for the Roman numeral 10 or if it’s suggesting another kross-up-like title (possibly with DC) featuring MK’s roster. Way to begin the kountdown to the big show next week, NetherRealm. Who’s next?

Oh, and in kase you were wondering: yes, I totally substituted the Cs in this bit for Ks. Why? Because that’s what kool people who play Mortal Kombat do. Duh!

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