Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Going Lo-Fi in Season 2, According to Clark Gregg

While he may be on a Marvel break at the moment to promote his new film, Trust Me, Clark Gregg hasn’t forgotten that every good Marvel soldier teases just a little bit of the fun to come when doing interviews. So, while speaking to Collider about his film, he also dropped some fresh tidbits about what audiences can expect from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Season 2.

Thanks to for transcribing: “It’s going to be lo-fi. You’re going back to basics. You’ve got to rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D. from the ground up in a much more dangerous world where your group is outlawed. So it feels like the early, Sean Connery James Bond with the brass knuckles and not afraid to knock somebody off.”

Very cool. It is true that Team Coulson did begin to rely more and more on their fancy S.H.I.E.L.D. tech as the season went on, but things did start to take an interesting turn when all they had to work with were some Howling Commandos relics. If Season 2 is going to continue the path of taking the show into more of an espionage realm instead of a comic-book one, than our expectations for Season 2 just went way up, and they were high to begin with.

In addition to story tidbits, Gregg also hinted at how the next season might play out from a schedule standpoint: “I thought there were so many things stacked against us last year, and one of them was where the ABC television schedule would put us on for three episodes and then take us down for four weeks. Nobody could get a momentum going and when the show started to be on consistently and having story that carried over in an episodic way, that’s when things started to click. So the great thing about the announcement was, A., we’re moving to 9pm, where it can be a little darker, like I think Marvel needs to be. Then they’re going to show, I believe it’s ten [‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘ episodes], eight of [‘Agent Carter‘], then twelve [more ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘ episodes]… For the most part, this is straight runs of our show, which is when I think it really works.”

There is no one that would disagree with the idea that the more episodes you can get in a straight run, the better off you are. If Gregg is correct and that is the schedule we can expect for next season, then odds are good things will be going into a much more serialized route in Season 2, and that’s better for everyone.

Are you excited for the new season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Let us know in the comments below!

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    • lol do not compare AoS that had avrg: 8mill viewers in its first season and super natural that barely gets to 5! and now it dosent have to compete with a 12 season NCIS ;)  

      • You’re right. The first seasons of Agents of SHIELD and Supernatural are incomparable. Supernatural had to dig its own niche and gain fans based on its own merits, which it did successfully enough to continue on for nine (going on ten) years. Its first five seasons contain some of the best story arcs I’ve ever seen on TV. Agents of SHIELD gained its fans by riding on the coattails of one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters in filmic history, and has yet to actually prove it can pass the test of time. Indeed. The two don’t compare.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of Agents of SHIELD. But dissing on Supernatural is fightin’ words.

        • if they are riding coattails of anything it’s not one movie…it’s decades of comics and numerous movies that they’ve put out.  but at the same time, with having no main superhero, only agents in the spotlight, it’s still it’s own thing.  having the numbers they did is because it turned into an amazing show that helps you understand the entire marvel universe.  also supernatural is horrible.

        • I have nothing against Supernatural, nor am I ‘dissing on it’, but I do need to point out that it had Smallville as a lead in for it’s first 2 seasons, as well as having Jensen Ackles in the lead, who had previously been a character on Smallville. While it’s nowhere near the bump that Agents of Sheild got from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it still helped Supernatural establish itself.

  • I’m so excited for the new S.H.I.E.L.D =} I hope making it  less ‘comic booky’ will get the pop-culture jerks from saying “It’s not a good show because there aren’t any super heroes”. That was not really the point of the show in the first place.  Hopefully this will become quality charachter building around a little bit of epic espionage. =}

  • I think this show was decent but it’s clear the way it was set up in season one that just weren’t working.  Maybe changing things up with someone else taking Ward’s spot as the “man of action” or taking away all the tech and forcing Coulson and Co to be a little more resourceful will help.

  • Yall are missing the real story. Graviton will soon play a major role. Why would they keep showing him his prison? No-one but the viewers know he is in there. He will come out… He has fought the Avengers several times. I think even spidey..

    • ‘Graviton’ was shown while being inside the gravitonium, which was later stolen by Ward and Garrett and given to Quinn. So does that maybe mean Graviton will also be playing a role in AoS next season, since he is now in Quinn’s hands and Quinn still plays a role next season (I guess)? Who knows. 

  • I love this show,  I did almost throw in the towel when they were in so much trouble.  I have pre ordered the year of CDs.  I can’t wait to watch them over again.   Your all great good group, but it Colson that makes me smile.

  • I have enjoyed the show from the beginning, but cannot deny the breaks in between episodes was getting ridiculous! I considered not watching until the entire thing was over then catch up on downloads. 

    • They Need to keep Grant close by.. you know the saying.. keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Coulson said that they were going to keep him to gain info about hydra..  as for Fits..  I think He will have the same procedure done to him as  Coulson had..  remember the ‘team of doctors’ fury said  he had with him… Bet they will still use that technology

  • I am! The marvel world is the richiest and there so much things that you can do with it! Bring to the basics but don’t stick with it. Make it more real but then surprise us with hi-fi! With Marvel there is no limits!

  • Great news.  Yes, get a run going.  That was frustrating in season 1.  Just get up a head of steam and… gone for a week… or two… or… Looking forward! Excelsior!

  • Sounds great to me!!! :) I think AGENTS is AWESOME!! I also know how Coulson is about the Past Shield and to see him bring it up in a Nostalgic was is awesome. It’s like he’s a kid at Disneyland only he get’s to rebuild it in his own way!! Very Cool!! Team Coulson!! I loved in The New Adventures of Old Christine!!!

  • I agree that the scheduling was a major speed bump for the series.  Of course, we know now that at least part of the delay was waiting for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” to release so they could springboard off of that into the final arc of the season.  If this kind of synergy with the film was the plan the whole time, I wonder why they didn’t just set up AoS as a mid-season series, and perhaps pushed “Winter Soldier” back a few weeks so they could sync up.

    (I did the math–even if AoS had debuted on the first Tuesday of January 2014, and episodes had run with no break, the direct crossover with “Winter Solder”–the episode “Turn, Turn, Turn”–would not have aired until three weeks after the film’s release. Then again, three weeks would have given more people time to have seen the film; it was shaving it a bit close to have the connecting episode air immediately.)

  • As with the last several episodes, I can barely wait to see what happens next. I’m completely hooked on the show. It was my #1 viewing priority each week, and I expect it will be again.

  • […] padding: 5px; } legend { padding: 6px; border: 1px solid #5a7f97; font-weight: bold; } Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Going Lo-Fi in Season 2, According to Clark Gregg Good to hear it should be a lot more "focused" on dates instead of one a month for 4 […]

  • AWesomely Excited for hte next season, I didn’t much like the ABC network dropping the flow of the show in Season 1. I understand that for the movie coming out and for the week following the release, it was important to do., However it was irksome. Hopefully season 2 will flow well every week at its new time of 9pm.