Listen as Optimus Prime Describes the Hubble Telescope’s Successor

Optimus Prime is voiced by Peter Cullen, and he wants to teach you all about The James Webb Space Telescope. It’s The Hubble Space Telescope’s replacement–larger and more powerful than Hubble–scheduled to launch in 2018. Take a listen and watch it TRANSFORM:

Though Hubble has given us some of the most amazing images ever taken, seen beating, dead stars, and watched as light echoed through gas and dust, the mighty telescope’s mission is coming to an end. The reason for its decommission is ultimately a scientific one–the James Webb Telescope will let us see the universe in ways Hubble couldn’t–and NASA cannot help but be proud of one of its best devices for science communication ever developed.

I hope that we can bring Hubble home when it is time; give it a proper send-off. But I also hope that Optimus Prime can voice all NASA’s videos from now on.

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