James Gunn Confirms Nathan Fillion’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Cameo

Who is Nathan Fillion playing in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Over the weekend, Guardians director James Gunn confirmed the ongoing rumor that the Castle and Firefly actor would have a small role in the film, but kept quiet about what that part would be. The scuttlebutt/wishful thinking is that Gunn cast Fillion as cosmic superhero Nova/AKA Richard Rider.

This wouldn’t be the first collaboration between Gunn and Fillion (or even their first superhero film together): Fillion played a small-town cop battling carnivorous space slugs attempting to alternately zombify and impregnate a small town in the splatter horror movie Slither, and later popped up in a small cameo as a hallucinatory Christian TV superhero in Super alongside Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page.

If the Nova rumor plays out, that would be an interesting approach to the character, who started off as a cosmic version of Spider-Man (a teen given superpowers tasked with juggling his personal and “professional” lives). That’s not necessarily a big deal – the character hasn’t been a teen in the comics for years, and you could see the 43-year-old Fillion playing off of the adult cast of of Guardians a little more readily than a someone playing the character as a high school student.

I’m actually hoping the cameo’s Ego the Living Planet, because for whatever reason, when I read the comic page below, I hear Fillion’s voice.


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