It’s Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye In An Epic Rap Battle of History (ft. “Weird Al”)

We’ve got to say it, and you’ve got to listen: the epic rap battles of history guys are geniuses. Flat out. They know how to make us smile, every time. Remember the one they did a while back with Key & Peele as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. battling it out over who was the better social activist? Remember how awesome that was? Well, it seems they may have just been out done:

Oh “Weird Al”, you are a true god among men, what with your beautifully goofy acting and rapping.

Seriously though, this is the kind of video the internet was made for. Not too long, not too short, and funny as hell. Honestly, the Neil deGrasse Tyson twist at the end with Chali 2na just elevates this video to a level many of us cannot fathom. We say many because the real deGrasse Tyson would totally fathom it, and be able to tell us what lies beyond (on a related note, have you guys been watching Cosmos? If not, you need to clear your evening and go watch Cosmos right now. For real, do it).

Also, before we forget, we have to give some love to Nice Peter who rocked an absolutely excellent portrayal of Bill Nye. We’d say we wish the real Bill Nye could have done it, but he’s in his prime and making sure scientific thought can prosper, so, he gets a pass.

Who do you think won the battle? Let us know in the comments below.

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