Is Marvel Eyeing Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch for DOCTOR STRANGE?

As we wait like Vladimir and Estragon for the Godot-like replacement for Edgar Wright on Marvel’s increasingly ill-fated Ant-Man, one wonders how to pass the time and sate our appetites for superheroic cinema-related news. Earlier this week, news broke that Sinister director Scott Derrickson would be helming Doctor StrangeMarvel’s long-hinted Phase III film, a longtime passion project of Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige. While rumors are swirling that David Wain and Peyton Reed are being eyed for Ant-Man, it felt like a relief to get some news about genuine progress being made on a Marvel film. Still, being that we are as insatiably thirsty for more big screen superhero news as Tantalus is for literally any liquid, we have a nice, juicy nugget of rumor for you coming from Deadline. Evidently, Marvel is starting to assemble its casting wish list for Doctor Strange and chief among their choices to play the Sorcerer Supreme are the Gods of Tumblr themselves, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy.

While the article is best taken with a Fin Fang Foom-sized grain of salt and it even admits that they “are not the only ones in the mix”, both British thespians have a considerable resume of both genre and non-geek credits that would make them ideal candidates to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, considering that Hardy has Child 44 and Mad Max: Fury Road on his plate, and Cumberbatch has Imitation Game on the way, it may come down to a matter of who actually has room in their schedule to play the part. Apart from Doctor Strange’s decided lack of silly hats, scheduling is precisely what is likely keeping Johnny Depp from being in the running to don the iconic red cape. The only thing that you can count on in this world is that this won’t be the last piece of casting speculation you’ll see about Doctor Strange, especially as the buzz around it grows hotter than Dormamu’s face.

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