Guess What? We Found Rickon, Too (Sorta), GAME OF THRONES Fans!

Thank goodness for Twitter, eh? We personally say this at least 3 times a day, but that went doubly this weekend when Game of Thrones‘ Rickon came forward to confirm his whereabouts. We’ve found Rickon Stark, you guys! We found him! First it was Gendry, now this? Man, should we start up a Nerdist Investigates firm or something?

We’ve wondered aloud (quite often, in fact: both on Twitter and in our myriad Game of Thrones recaps) throughout the whole of this season as to the whereabouts of the smallest Stark of Westeros. Last we’d seen him he was heading south with Wildling Osha and his beloved direwolf Shaggydog, heading for seven hells knows what. And, well, after a walloper of a season finale — including many a death and change of character — we were worried. What would happen to Rickon Stark? Would being torn away from his family ruin his life forever? Would he become as wild and feral as his companion and direwolf (respectively)?

The thoughts were too much to bare. So naturally we’d come up with a much sunnier, decidedly un-Game of Thrones-esque alternative scenario for wee Rickon. That of iced tea-sipping and living the life. And guess what? We were right!

Why yes, that is the Twitter account of Art Parkinson, the actor most of you know better as Rickon Stark.

Looks like we had nothing to worry about this whole time, you guys! Aren’t you relieved? Surely this is exactly how his fate will turn out on the HBO series, even though, y’know, winter is coming.

What other characters are you worried about? Let us hear ‘em in the comments.

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