Google Sending Out Official Pokémon Master Certifications

Congratulations to all of the folks who were able to catch ‘em all on Google Maps this past April Fools day: Google is now sending out official Pokémon Master certifications to everyone who was able to snag all 150 of the lovable creatures from across the map. Here’s a look at what all of you diligent trainers can expect to see:


If you get one of these in the mail today, then it’s official: you are the very best, like no one ever was. I, personally, would throw in a seal of excellence for anyone who could bust out a Poké-rap including all 150 Pokémon without stopping. Not a lofty endeavor at all.

Did you receive your certification in the mail today? Share your picture with us on twitter today at @NerdistDotCom.

[HT: tiny grump on imgur]

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