Get Fetch With MEAN GIRLS in 8-Bit

In honor of ten years of wearing pink shirts every Wednesday, CineFix, the creators of 8-bit Kill Bill and Forrest Gump, have concocted an 8-bit version of the classic Lindsay Lohan film, Mean Girls.

Embark on an 8-bit journey that involves surviving high school as the Mean Girls main character, Cady Heron. The style and look of the game is similar to that of a Newgrounds anime flash game (think point and click with anime-styled characters and bold text). The rendition is probably my favorite from CineFix thus far, especially since the team was able to recapture the hilarity of the movie. Oh, and the beeps and boops of the game’s soundtrack are pretty fetch, if I might say. Follow along in awe as the movie is reimagined in 8-bit glory below: You go, CineFix! Are the 8-bit versions of Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan to your liking? Let us know in the comments below.

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