One of the most prolific video game witches of the last generation is making her way to FUNimation. That’s right, the renowned TV and film production company just acquired the full length feature film Bayonetta: Bloody Fate. Studio GONZO and director Fuminori Kizaki, whom you may know previously for Afro Samurai Resurrection, are teaming up once again to bring the video game franchise to life.

The essence of Bayonetta series has always been its vastly sexualized antics and extreme action, both of which the film is said to capture while expanding on the already vibrant universe of the series. Here’s a look at the film’s trailer absent of the English dub:

Is that weave in yo hair, girl? If it is, may Bayonetta‘s weaponized extensions never fall on the heads of anyone who’d legitimately ask that question. Now all we need is Bayonetta 2 and fans of the series can kiss their social lives goodbye.

Does Bayonetta: Bloody Fate look like a solid adaptation of the game franchise? Word combo your innermost feelings on the film in the comments below.

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