Exclusive Preview: Gallaher and Ellis’ THE ONLY LIVING BOY

Have you been reading The Only Living Boy? The thrice-weekly webcomic from writer David Gallaher (High Moon, Box 13) and Steve Ellis (Breaking Bad: The Cost of Doing Business) has been following the pulp adventures of Erik, an amnesiac kid trapped on a strange world, and we’ve got a preview for you.

From The Only Living Boy site:

“Nominated for multiple Harvey Awards, The Only Living Boy follows 12-year old Erik Farrell who runs away from home only to find himself thrust into a patchwork planet without his memory, family, or friends! Can he survive as The Only Living Boy left in the world?”

Is Erik the only boy left alive? Gallaher and Ellis aren’t saying yet, but you can see what their young hero is up to in this 8-page preview.

Can’t get enough of Ellis’ artwork? Yesterday, we ran a preview of his Dark Horse collaboration with Fred Van Lente, Project Black Sky.

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