Daniel Radcliffe Plays Sorting Hat and Puts Celebrities Into Hogwarts Houses

Daniel Radcliffe will probably never be able to leave his Harry Potter association behind. The franchise has staying power that will probably be as strong as what Star Wars has, and many fans will always think of him as the Boy Who Lived regardless of how many other roles he plays. Fortunately, he seems to be aware of this and rolls with the punches. During a recent appearance on BuzzFeed Brews, the host pulled out a Sorting Hat and asked Radcliffe to sort various celebrities into one of Hogwarts’ four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw.

The Sorting Hat holds the faces of Miley Cyrus, President Obama (you don’t see those two names next to each other often), Jon Hamm, and many more. Some of them prove difficult for Radcliffe because like he points out, he doesn’t know many of the celebrities personally.

Radcliffe’s choices are funny, but it’s his reasoning that’s the best part of the video. When Meryl Streep’s face comes out of the hat, he immediately places her in Gryffindor. When the hosts asks why, he explains, “Because she’s awesome and awesome people go to Gryffindor.” I can’t argue with that. Though I’m firmly Ravenclaw, I can’t deny the Gryffindors are that magical combination of cool yet nice kids. Radcliffe also shares a couple of anecdotes along with the sorting that make the video worth watching.

Do you think he sorts everyone properly? Jump to the comments and let us know which houses you would choose for the celebrities in the video.

HT: Vanity Fair

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