Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper Announce Collaborative EP

Dude, finally! After performing an occasionally ballistic rendition of “The Worst Guys” at this past week’s Governors Ball Festival in New York City, Childish Gambino, a/k/a Donald Glover, took to the interwebs to announce that he and his raspy contemporary Chance The Rapper are officially working on a collaborative EP.

This development was inevitable considering the rappers’ well-documented friendship. Some Chance/Childish collaboration foreshadowing even cropped up as one of the punnier lines from Chance’s 2013 Acid Rap mixtape: “Nightly searches for a bed / I just came off tour with Troy.”

We shall keep you posted as more details about this project emerge, but for now, jam out below to the duo’s track, “The Worst Guys,” from Childish’s second album because the internet. And be sure to follow @NerdistMusic for updates!

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