Breaking Westerosi News: We’ve Finally Found Gendry (Sorta)!

The fourth* season of Game of Thrones left us with many a question, but none so concerning to us as that of the fate of one of our favorite Westerosi bastards, Gendry. He of the Baratheon bloodline, so young and virile and handsome and… stuff. Where was he? We hadn’t seen him at all this season: what gives? What happened after the Onion Knight Ser Davos shipped the lad off to sea? With nothing but the clothes on his back, the dream of a life less terrifying, and the oars in his hands? Where did he go? GENDRY WHERE DID YOU GO?!

Well, we finally have our answer thanks to the actor formally known as Joe Dempsie (he’s forever the bastard Gendry in our hearts) and this highly informative tweet:


So there you have it, folks. Mystery hilariously solved. (Sorta.) Well played, Mr. Dempsie, well played. Although we’re curious where the heck in the Realm you are if you’ve been rowing for, what, a year? Forget Westeros and Essos (and probably even Sothoryos) — we bet he’s likely discovered Ulthos at this point. Has our wee Gendry gone from bastard boy to George R.R. Martin’s version of Columbus? Only time will tell.

Let’s play a game: where in the world do you think Gendry is, and what is he off doing? Leave your speculation in the comments.

* Wooooooooops OK sorry we wrote “fifth season” instead of fourth. Call it wishful thinking. (…Unless we actually went into the future on the TARDIS and saw it all already…wouldn’t YOU like to know?)

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