A Most Impressive LEGO Star Destroyer

LEGO has offered Star Destroyer kits before, but none of them could add up to make this majestic replica created by Jerac. The builder constructed a massive model of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Chimaera. It appeared in the Star Wars Expanded Universe as the flagship of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s fleet, and even though it was opposed to the New Republic and our heroes, I can still appreciate the magnificence of the spaceship.

Jerac’s replica of the Chimaera could be the biggest and most accurate LEGO Star Destroyer ever made. It’s not quite a fully operational battle station, but it does have extraordinary stats: it’s over 6.5 feet long, over 4 feet wide, and almost 2 feet tall. It weighs 110 pounds and was crafted from approximately 40,000 bricks. For comparison, a recent LEGO Star Destroyer kit only had 3,152 pieces.

Construction on the spaceship began on December 28, 2013 after over a month of designing the plans. Over $5,000 and five months later, Jerac has mostly completed the build. He had a deadline of June 1 to complete the project in order to display it at the LUG exhibition in Swarzewo (in Poland). His notes show he had the LEGO ship ready with only eight hours left to go. After the exhibit is over in three months, Jerac plans to improve his masterpiece. He wants to add internal lighting, reinforce the interior structure, and get professional photos taken.

Would you have the patience to build anything like this? Head to the comments and let us know about your coolest LEGO builds.

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