29-Story TETRIS Game Breaks World Records

A year shy from its 30th anniversary, Tetris has made its way back into the Guinness World Records as part of the “largest architectural video game display.”

Drexel University associate professor Frank Lee created a version of the game that people could play on the side of a 29-story building in Philadelphia. Showcased in April, the game was played on the side of Philadelphia’s Cira Centre and was a project to “unite the people of the city of Philadelphia around a public art installation — to give them a shared experience and inspire them to think about how a building can be more than just a building and, by extension, how the city can be much more than just a bunch of buildings and people sharing the same space.”

Take a look at the puzzler in action below:

As a fan of the timeless game, I found this showing to be an incredible tribute. Perhaps next year as part of its anniversary, we’ll get Tetris played on a 30-story building?

Any Philadelphians out there who took part in block stacking festivities? Let us know in the comments below.

HT: Venture Beat

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