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Your Horrifying Date With THE EVIL WITHIN Has Been Pushed Back

All of you cowards who planned on covering your eyes through The Evil Within are off the hook for a couple of months, because the first official crap-your-pants-a-thon title of the new generation has been pushed back to October 21, 2014. The game was originally slated to release August 26, but it looks like Tango Gameworks wants to take its time smoothing out the scares for this holiday season.

Geez, I thought The Evil Within would have me sweating enough as it is, but now the month of October alone has got my armpits crying with all of the AAA titles dropping within the month. At least we now know when to postpone all of our social interaction that exist outside of our gaming platforms. See ya later, cruel world.

Keep an eye out for our E3 preview of The Evil Within later on today.

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