Will Hulu Resurrect COMMUNITY?

Good news today for Human Beings everywhere — Deadline discovered that Hulu has begun discussions with Sony Pictures TV about bringing the recently cancelled Community back to life via the digital platform. Though fans were heartbroken when NBC announced the cult favorite sitcom would not return for a sixth season (and thus ending our dreams of “six seasons and a movie”), the news was hardly a shock, since Community, long one of the network’s bubble shows, had barely managed to survive five seasons. But since this year saw the return of fired creator Dan Harmon, and consequently a creative resurgence, the dream has refused to die.

Hulu currently has a digital syndication deal with Community (which is also syndicated via Comedy Central), and the show enjoys a huge online following, a desirable audience for advertisers. So Hulu would be a natural fit. Harmon has apparently expressed his interest in the idea, saying via his blog, “I’m not going to be the guy that re-cancels cancelled Community.” And as Deadline points out, Sony has a proven track record in saving its bubble shows, chief among them Damages and Rules of Engagement. Still, this is a far from done deal. So while it’s hard not to hope we will yet discover the identity of the Ass Crack Bandit or learn what sailing around the world with LeVar Burton does to Troy, let’s try to remain cautious in our optimism.

What do you think — has Community already lived its nine lives? Or should we not give up the fight until we’ve see the Greendale gang shoot paintballs across movie screens everywhere? Let us know!

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