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Greetings, Nerdist folk! Welcome to a new chapter in the history of our wee site/entity/throbbing human mass/thing. I’m genuinely excited with the newest iteration of our digital content delivery that we are able to feed into your eye mouths, courtesy of a company called Something Massive.

You’ll notice the site has changed a bit — rebuilt from the ground up — and the new design gives us a little more freedom to navigate the content in super happy fun time ways. You’ll now notice a button for new content, in addition to a “trending” button if you just want to go with the crowd (no judgement! sometimes it’s quicker). The top nav has PODCASTS (obvious), VIDEO (we’ll be integrating MUCH more video on the site), STORE (merch coming soooooooon!), and a hamburger-looking expando-menu with more specific link sorting. Also, the sharing of articles is now easier, so please feel free to take advantage of that on your preferred social media platform.

Big one here —> FINALLY, our site looks good on mobile. In fact, we designed with mobile in mind first, and then ported that over to desktop, as opposed to the reverse. We hope you find it a cleaner, smoother experience than the free plug-in I used to use to get a “mobile version” of the site that rarely worked. We love doing shit on our phones or tablets, so pull that device out of the pocket near your naughty bits and enjoy our offerings on the go!

GRANDPA TALKS WISTFULLY TIME! I started in 2008 (strangely, was not available but all of the other extensions were) on Typepad. The next year I moved it to (Sorry Typepad! Keep sending those reminders that I haven’t renewed my blog with you! After all these years, it’d be weird not to get them every month) and subsequently to the framework, where it had stayed for four and a half years. Today we evolve from “turbo blog” to “actual magazine”. One of things I get the most excitement from is the mile markers of growth — it is, after all, my child (is that strange?). As a performer, it’s always tough to track your progress because you are essentially the product and you lack the POV of yourself, but Nerdist is that tangible thing that I can ACTUALLY watch get bigger and better. It means the world to me, and the community that continues to build around it blows me away. SIDENOTE! I just did six shows at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York, and the management could not get over how sincerely nice my audiences were. Something that I’m most proud of is that fact that Nerdist, in all its forms, seems to attract good people. Few persons/entities/deities have an audience that they would actually hang out with, and I can honestly say that I do (cue “awwwwwwww,” as baby hamsters give each other tiny kisses). For that, I cannot thank you enough for being here for and continuing to support us.

In the Typepad and early WordPress days, I did everything myself. It was fun, rewarding and a lot of work, but also limiting. I always intended to bring other voices on board so there would be perspectives other than mine, not just aggregating nerd-centric Web gems but also CREATING them as well BREAKING news in our pop culture spheres (Entertainment, Science, Gaming, Tech, Music, Comedy). That time is now just beginning, and I have to thank Brian Walton (our Editor in Chief), Perry Michael Simon (my first editor, still contributor and strategist), and all of the brilliant and sweet minds who have joined since. I really want this to be a source for cool stuff, inspiration and positivity to be your pal while guiding you through all of the things that are hopefully relevant to your interests. Be it Nerdist News (you’re CRUSHING it, Chobot), podcasts, other videos, comedy, live events, .com stuff, or television, I’m very excited about where we can all go together next, and I welcome your QUEMMENTS (remember those?) in the text fields at the bottom of the page. This is, after all, your home too.

We might have a few bugs here and there (that I imagine look like the grid bugs from Tron) as we settle into the new site, so, please, don’t get frustrated with us! We’re always doing our best, and we’ll fix it. WE’LL FIX IT ALL. Our goal is to give you the best experience possible (with everything we do), not to bum you out specifically, so never forget that! There will be more additions to functionality in the coming weeks both site-wise and people-wise, so check back as much as damn possible so you know I’m truthin’ you. Again, I thank you for your time and I hereby officially open the gilded new gates to this shiny updated nerd factory — I am your host, Willy Wanker.

TL;DR… new site, you mean the world to me, hope you dig it.

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  • Like most people I am, initially,  averse to change.   Then i realize its a natural part of life and often results in positive things.   That being said,  I am caught off guard by the following changes implemented on the new nerdist site:
    *   Nerdist Poopcam Tab:   24hr live feed from Chris, Matt, and Jonahs bathrooms.
    *  Link to which forces use of coupon code “WTF”.
    *  Announcement that Jonah Raydio will only feature the music of Scritti Politti from now on.
    * Weird pop-up add cross over:  any time you select any item on the nerdist website,  a full screen image of Chris appears and yells “POINTS!” 
    * Announcement that the catchphrase “Enjoy Your Burrito” will be replaced with “Tofurkey For All of Gods Children!”
    * “Calling all nerdists” casting call for upcoming Doctor Who p0rno parody.
    *  Announcement that Matt Mira will be replaced by Carrot top.
    Peace .n. Ch Ch Ch Chaaaanges

  • One thing I noticed and I am not sure if it’s an actual mistake or just me misinterpreting. When you go to the podcast page, there is a header on one section “What’s Trending Podcasts” but it has everything not just podcasts. I’m not overjoyed b/c I have to get used to change, but the site looks nice. Appreciate your hard work.

  • As a long-time satisfied follower of Nerdist (and a veteran web designer) I’m loving the new look. This article was a nice ride down the memory lane. Congratulations and all the best!

  • I’ve been looking forward to this all week! New layout is awesome! It’s been awesome to see Nerdist grow so much over such a short time. I’ve actually started paying more attention to the world of comedy since I started listening to your podcast. I cannot wait to see where you go next. My second standup show ever was you and Mira in Minneapolis in November, loved it (my first was Dave Coulier).  I have more to say, but I may just write one big ass quemment email. Also, I think it would be awesome to have an AOTS @Midnight episode and get some of them on the podcast. I only watched that show for 2 years (Candice years), but I would not even know who you are if it weren’t for G4. Okay, going to stop rambling now. Also, if you ever need any contributing writers….who live in MN currently, let me know. Geronimo!!!

  • First of all, the new site looks great!  It’s about time you guys decided to jump into web 2.0 with the rest of us.  Aside from the issues you are already addressing with the site can you set the videos to default html5?  I dread using flash!


    Now seriously though, I enjoy the new layout, heard you mentioned a change coming up in one of the podcasts and I was excited to see it! Didn’t disappoint.

    I haven’t explored the depths of the website enough yet, I’ve mostly focused on the podcasts and I’m really happy to say, although you probably receive quite a few messages of this nature, that they’ve been a great improvement in my everyday routine, mostly when I’m working. I work in front of the computer and I would normally play music or whatever, but since I started listening to nerdist podcasts I can actually have fun, laugh along and feel the company of you guys while I’m boringly editing pixel stuff, so Thank you!

    I almost don’t want to say this because I wouldn’t wanna say anything negative. I’ve noticed today, I don’t know if anything related to streaming has changed, but sometimes like a half hour into the podcast or at a random spot it just stops playing/buffering and I have (the obviously stressful and humanly impossible task < read that in reverse italics) to go back and hit play again and sorta click on the slider wherever it stopped playing because it plays back form the start. Maybe it’s just my connection! But it never ever happened before so I wondered if there was something up with that. 

    Again though, incredibly thankful for all your content, the new website design is really cool, I can only be happy for you and the entire Nerdist team for growing more and more each time! I enjoy the youtube content as well, I love @midnight, obviously I’m a fan of TWD, that’s how I found Nerdist! watching Talking Dead and thinking “oh! Chris is kinda really fun, let me go find whatever else he does!”, and being unable to get Singled Out DVDs delivered to my area (SUPER FRESH REFERENTIAL JOKE), I ended up on

    Well this was a very long comment, but since I never had commented on the site before, I felt it was a nice chance to leave written testament on the interwebs that I appreciate all the work you do!!! And you can tell it’s a lot of appreciation because of all those exclamation signs!!!!!!

    xoxo Rodri

  • Congratulations, Chris & Nerdist Crew!  I’ve been following since the early days of the podcast, and cannot be happier to see a great group of people succeeding and doing what they love!  Keep it up!  Perhaps more content creators will take note of your success and ability to communicate effectively with your audiences!

  • For each square on the main page I look at my eyes have to:
    1. Forget the layout shape and size of the previous square I looked at.
    2. Decipher text from icon from image
    3. Locate the text.

    Only then can my brain decide if it’s what I’m looking for.

    In a film when you cut from one shot to the next and you frame the subject of the shot in the same place for each shot – you understand what’s going on in the second shot much quicker.
    You also usually pull focus so that the eye is drawn to what’s important in the scene.

    As a site visitor I am looking at these content squares sequentially and as it stands it feels like watching a movie with each shot in a different aspect ratio, everything in frame in focus all of the time, and in no apparent logical order.

    I would suggest a more uniform layout of content square size and placement, more clearly defined headings for each content square (make the background of the text completely opaque stretch the background to the full length of the content squares) and a more clearly defined structure regarding where each type of content is.

    Anyone one of those things I think would improve the new design exponentially.

    I hope that’s more useful than just “I don’t think it’s good”.


    I also personally don’t find “related content” sidebars useful in the slightest. If I enjoy the content I seek out the related content (which is a lot easier if it’s organized logically) – related content / buzzfeed bars are the animated GIF’s of the twenty-umpteens.

    ..but I imagine some people like them, so that’s less a functionality thing than a personal preference.

  • Love it. Sincerely. If you wanted notes, as a designer at a large ad agency, I would say loose the motherboard electronic imagery in the grey. It’s too ‘on the nose’ perhaps. I feel Nerd is now more than normal and doesn’t need to pander to slightly adolescent iconography. But that’s me! Great job all around guys.. :)

  • Yay new site! I adore this delightful (delightful!) empire you’ve built, it’s one of the few communities out there I really feel like I belong to. I can’t wait to see how everything continues to grow in the future. Hugs!

  • Shiny new site! I like it! Congrats on the new site and everything else in your career. @midnight rocks and don’t ever stop being awesome chris.

  • I can’t wait to see what comes next! With the addition of videos being integrated on the website, the merchandise being sold, and a comment thread that supports positive communication, it looks like there is a lot to look forward to. It’s been exciting to watch Nerdist Industries grow especially since that supported me a lot in the past with animations featured on both the Nerdist TV show pilot and Nerdist youtube channel. Support that made me decide to not give up on being an artist and help those who want to learn more about art. And I think that is what is cool about the concept of Nerdist: Nerdy people that make awesome content through art, blogs, podcast, animation, or any other type of creative means. I hope you guys continue to grow and make more awesome content! I’ll also try too!

  • Looks great!
    One comment is that (at least in Chrome) there’s a menu that pops when you fullscreen a youtube video that forces it into almost a 4×3 viewport, cutting off a third of the video on the edges.

  • I’m far from a “internet complainer,” but I have to say that this new layout is terrible.  Its really hard to read and, especially on the podcasts page, looks really disorganized.  The previous design was streamlined, easy to read, and put information and content ahead of gigantic photos.  This really turns me off of a site that I was regularly checking out.  I’m really disappointed.

  • Hey Chris Hardwick! Long time first time haha. I don’t have social media, so this is the only way I can think to get in touch. New site looks fantastic on mobile – so much better. Just wanted to say, in case you didn’t already know, nerdist got a shout out on Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman’s”U Talkin U2 To Me?” Podcast in episode 10. Thought I’d put it out there. Keep up the great work!

  • Chris & Team,Great work on the new site.  It all looks awesome!  I’m so pleased that your passion has become such a viable and successful business.  I’ve been intrigued by the evolution of Nerdist in recent years (I only found you guys about 3 years ago – so glad I did!).It’s such a unique entity supported by an excellent team of people – and that’s why it works. 

  • As a non-tablet or -smartphone user I don’t like it at all. The images are huge and randomly staggered, everything is so large I have to continually scroll, and the page constantly reloads as I do. The text on each link tells me very little about what they lead to, the whole thing just feels like it’s for kids rather than experienced web-savvy users, who surely make up the majority of your user-base.

    I know this is a popular trend in “responsive” web design, but I find it unpleasantly ugly, non-intuitive, and unnecessary.

  • Nerds hate change! NERDS HATE CHANGE!  FIX IT, FIX IT!
    Thanks for letting us hang in your virtual clubhouse, Chris.  The wallpaper may have changed, but hopefully nothing else has.
    Seems we can now up/down vote stuff.  Can’t wait to see how that works out.  Hopefully the troll patrol will get less acknowledgement when we can just silently push them down to the tl;dr section of the comments.
    *immediately down votes self*

  • It’s outstanding, Hardwick. The moment I saw it, I instantly opened it up on my phone and rejoiced because yeah, the old one sucked on mobile. Thanks for constantly improving and entertaining. 

  • I’m far too new to come up with something clever and “inside” to say, but I am enjoying what I’ve seen so far.  A friend of mine had me listening to The Nerdist Podcast interviews (Stan Lee and Chris Hadfield) on a road trip to perform in Fernie, and an unrelated friend at work pushed me to check out @midnight after my lunch-hour dose of Daily Show and Colbert Report, so I figured I had to check out more of your work.  Little did I know you had formed an empire.
    Being an obsessive completionist, I had started at what I assumed was the very beginning of the archives, and had worked my way up to #12, the interview with OK Go.  Now that the terrain is changed I can’t seem to find my way to go from #13 on.  It’s a minor concern, and maybe a little exploration will get me back there, but the search is taking me away from the soothing sounds of your Professor Frink impressions as I collate and file.
    Growth is good, though, always and forever.  Hopefully I can find my way around this new landscape.

  • yey! i hope you get to guest (nerdist podcast) people from the web development community who are largely responsible for, err… advancement in web development. they are plenty bright and plenty funny too! kudos!

  • Not a fan of how there is no description of what each podcast is. There use to be a quick description, now it’s just the name. I think that might deter newcomers from clicking on it because they have no idea what it is now.

  • Way to rule guys, I’m glad I found the Nerdist, it’s made the last couple years of life way more interesting, and I’ve learned a ton of fun things along the way! 

  • The new site looks beautiful! But I’m having a hard time trying to find the podcasts. The old setup (for the podcasts at least) was a lot clearer and easier to navigate. I’m sure there is some logic behind the new design and this is just be being a Luddite, but it used to be a lot quicker.
    Click podcasts, click the desired podcast, read a short intro about each episode, choose episode and listen. 
    Now, I can’t even find the ‘main page’ for the Nerdist Podcast.

    What am I missing? (please don’t say brains)

  • Hey Chris, looking forward to the continued evolution of the site. We’d love to have you speak at Internet Summit in Raleigh this year (alongside “the Woz”). How do we get in touch with your booking agent to see if the dates and $ could work out? (there are so many pop up speaker agencies these days online, you’re not sure which are officially repping someone). Is repping a real word? :) 

  • I am working full time in a job that is stifling, but am writing every chance I get to finish my novel (groan, a novelist) but every day at my 30 minute lunch break I sit in my car and eat and listen to the Nerdist podcast to get my inspiration on and a reminder that there are so many great, creative people in the world.  Thanks for putting it out there!  It really helps me to keep at it.  

  • I’m confused-THIS is a new and improved mobile friendly site!? It sucks so bad that I googled Nerdist mobile sucks just to see what popped up. I get nothing but photos in the foreground covering 75% of the screen while the text scrolls under the picture. I’m using a one year old android that gives me no problems anywhere else. 

  • when the merch comes by chance could you dig through the old iteams (aka head shots, aots, singled out. house of 1000 cors. multi extras stuff) for back in the day and sell them. would be a great thing of history to own.