This LEGO SIMPSONS Trailer Might Just be the Best of the Season

While most of us haven’t been paying attention, The Simpsons has quietly and steadily been upping its game over the past season, with a handful of genuinely excellent episodes that seem to be shaking off the series’ reputation as having rested on its laurels for a few years.

Seriously, from this year’s Treehouse of Horror, to the sly “Steal This Episode,” to the makes-me-miss-Futurama-but-this-is-okay “Days of Future Future,” the series’ 25th season has had some real winners. And I’m hoping that this week’s all-Lego episode, “Brick Like Me,” will continue that trend.

In the show’s 550th episode, Homer finds that his life in a LEGO-ized version of Springfield is slowly unraveling as he becomes some kind of 2D monstrosity. It looks really fun.

Catch “Brick Like Me” this Sunday at 8pm on Fox.

HT: Wired

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