THE WALKING DEAD’s Rick Grimes And BREAKING BAD’s Walter White Face Off In An Epic Rap Battle

The Epic Rap Battles guys are back kicking off season three with a lyrical altercation between AMC badasses, Rick Grimes and Walter White. While the duo of Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD trading rhymes and insults is as flashy as Walter’s blue crystal meth, the emcees still remain true to their Walking Dead and Breaking Bad counterparts. Quite mind blowing, if I may say so.

Take a look at the bout below:

Though we didn’t get to see Carl and Walt Jr. have a mini face-off in their fathers’ name, it’s still hilarious to see how the sons were incorporated in the rap (yeah, you know you chuckled at the “CARL!” yell). Now we just need to see the winner face off against Mad Men’s Don Draper.

Wanting more of these epic musical beatdowns? Go ahead and stop by Epic Rap Battles official YouTube page.

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