TAMMY Trailer: Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon Prove Being a Hot-Mess-Pile is Genetic

Melissa McCarthy seems to have the physical comedy game on lock these days. In her latest film, Tammy, the actress’ most outrageous comedy antics are on display for all of us to see, shake our heads at, and hopefully laugh. That’s the goal of comedy, after all — and considering the premise of the film centers around Tammy’s no-good, very-bad, terrible day, she might be in need of a laugh.

After totaling her hoopty of a car, getting fired from her job, and then finding her husband getting cozy with the next door neighbor, Tammy deserves to get a little crazy. And nothing says “go nuts” like going on a road trip with your grandmother Pearl (Susan Sarandon). It’s the grandma-granddaughter disasterpiece road trip film you had no idea you needed: now with a few less fat jokes, compared to the first trailer.

Now riddle us this: are you a Tammy in real life? Be honest (in the comments)!

Tammy hits theaters July 2nd, 2014.

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