Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen Need to Recap GAME OF THRONES All.The.Time.

You know what we didn’t know but now we do and the world is all the better for it? Snoop Dogg watches Game of Thrones. And he doesn’t just watch it — he loves the shit out of it, as evidenced in this funny little recap video wherein he dispenses infinite knowledge and wisdom about the wacky ways of Westeros. And we’re sorry to say, Hardwick, but you’ve got a promising young aftershow upstart host on your heels and he’s coming in hot (and also probably high).

Over on Snoop’s official YouTube channel, WestFestTV, America’s most infamous stoners got together for an interview but started chatting about Thrones in some pre-interview shenanigans. If you haven’t seen the past few episodes of the HBO series — in particular “Mockingbird” and “The Laws of Gods and Men” — then allow Snoop and Seth to break it all down for you. The way Snoop says Petyr Baelish is sure to give you a giggle or two, as are his theories on why the Unsullied actually had to have their junk chopped off.

Alright — we’re going to have to agree with Rogen on this one: HBO should seriously consider bringing Snoop on to be their official post-show correspondent. (We’d watch the shit out of that.) Imagine a world wherein Game of Thrones was dissected every week with Snoop Dogg and a special celebrity guest? C’mon: there’s no way you wouldn’t watch that, right? It just has too much potential for weird hilarity not to — admit it.

What would you call a Game of Thrones aftershow hosted by Snoop Dogg? Let us know in the comments.

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