Science is Coming: Biology, Geology, and Physics in GAME OF THRONES

Science is coming, and it’s bringing dragons.

PhD biologist Joe Hanson runs the It’s Okay To Be Smart YouTube channel, where he covers everything from how dust connects us all to how humans evolved to be marathoners. It’s a great channel co-run by PBS Digital Studios, and together they produce some of the best science videos this side of The Wall.

In Hanson’s latest video, he explores the reality behind Game of Thrones’ dire wolves, dragons, seasons, steel, and more. Check it out below:

Covering everything from wildfire to Westeros geology, Hanson gives a great overview of the real-world elements found in one of our favorite fantasy shows. But how much science would you want in a fandom like this? Any at all?

Personally, I think Hanson has a point. It’s not as if finding out that a real-life dragon wouldn’t be able to fly will make it less awesome when Daenerys’ dragons cook some poor fool. But I think that knowing about dragon flight mechanics and fire-ready hypergolic chemicals is at least enlightening, and adds some wonder to the art, as Hanson points out.

After watching something like this, it’s hard to claim you know nothing, even if you’re Jon Snow.

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