Report: FLAPPY BIRD Creator Claims the Game Will Return this August

Hear we go again, ladies and gents. Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen says that he will be bringing his virally successful title back to mobile devices this August. CNBC anchor Kelly Evans took to twitter with the following to break the news:

According to Nguyen, the game will be far less addictive than its predecessor, which remedies the main reason Nguyen took the original game out of mobile app stores in the first place.

Flappy Bird gained its popularity by being an extremely difficult and unforgiving title, which has you taping your touchscreen to navigate a side-scrolling bird through a series of untouchable pipes. The highly popular game was reportedly downloaded more than 50 million times and inspired many clone titles in the wake of its absence.

Only a man like Dong Nguyen would be able to make the tough decision of bringing back an application that makes him $50,000 a day. Hats off to you, sir. The real questions to ask are how addicting will this game’s multiplayer be, and whether are not Nguyen has wised up enough to avoid using Mario assets this time around.

HT: Kelly Evans, The Verge

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