Pickstarter: Harmonix Looking To Bring Back PS2 Classic AMPLITUDE

You wouldn’t by chance remember a groovy rhythm action game on the PlayStation 2 called Amplitude, would you? No? Perhaps this video will refresh your memory a bit:

That’s right, folks! Harmonix is aiming to develop a successor to the 2003 cult classic Amplitude and has taken to Kickstarter for a bit of financial backing to make it possible. Most of the crew behind the old title is confirmed to be making a return if the game can reach its pledge goal by May 23rd. Here’s a look at what the folks at Harmonix have cooking:

The game will only be available on the PS3 and PS4 platforms if it makes its mark, mainly because Sony still owns the rights to the intellectual property. This is quite the lofty Kickstarter project, looking for $775,000 in total backing in a matter of just 18 days. So if you’re yearning for more of Amplitude’s head-banging and hip-shaking fun, then I’d suggest pitching in ASAP, even if it’s just a dollar.

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