Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘Every Time the Sun Comes Up’ by Sharon Van Etten

Ever since I discovered Sharon Van Etten and included her in my favorite albums of 2010, her sound has undergone a personal evolution in the way that my brain processes the relationships of sounds and nostalgic places. The best way I can describe Sharon Van Etten’s affect on me is that she always brings me to the same lived-in room that is musty with cigarette butts, experience, and  incandescent lighting — like one more decade is the upper limit of this place’s longevity. And now as her new album, Are We There, approaches its May 27 release date, I feel as though the walls of this imaginary room buckle a bit more with each solemn coo and mournful heave of her voice.

The video for the excellent, melancholy “Every Time the Sun Comes Up” feels like a surprising behind-the-scenes mashup of Young Frankenstein and Beetlejuice, with a special guest appearance by zombie Sharon Van Etten. And oddly enough, this video does much to affirm the visual image that I associate with Sharon Van Etten’s music: you’re allowed to see the crevices and embarrassing age of a supposedly magical place, as though the reality of everything is the most shocking aspect.

Love everything that Sharon Van Etten does and am so so excited to hear this album front-to-back when it drops May 23 via Jagjaguwar.

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