Music Geek Track of the Day: “Dark Disco Mix” by Crystal Castles’ Alice Glass

Dim sum. Dancing. Dark Disco. Three things that start with “D”. Independently, they’re fairly enjoyable, but when they come together, they make for one of the craziest parties in town. Every month, Dark Disco takes over the 88 Palace restaurant in New York to turn the humble dim sum joint into a makeshift dance party, and this past Saturday saw DJ sets from the likes of Crystal Castles frontwoman Alice Glass and HEALTH’s Jupiter.

Much as the great poet Lil Jon posed the question “Turn down for what?” in his eponymous anthem, Glass answers with a sprawling, nearly 19-minute mix that’s guaranteed to get your booty shaking and your first pumping. Jumping from Beyoncé to icy synths to thumping hi-hats to new wave dance grooves and back to straight-up club bangers, Glass’ set is a guaranteed way to take your workday from sad to rad. Just don’t dance too hard at your desk or you’ll look up to find the entire room staring at you. Like I just did.

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