Microsoft Offering Refunds For Xbox Live Gold

What is this? Cash for Gold, you say? Now that  Xbox Live’s robust selection of entertainment services have been removed from behind the Gold subscription paywall, chances are you’ll want to get in on this action.

Starting this June, anyone with an Xbox Live subscription whose membership is solely based on the use of these apps, can receive a prorated refund on their Gold account. Choosing to do this means that you’ll receive the amount that your subscription would have cost between the time you cancelled it and the time your membership expires.

The only requirement is that you submit your refund request through Xbox’s support site before August 31, and after up to eight weeks of processing, you’ll be swimming in a mountain of prorated, cancelled Xbox Live Gold membership cash. Of course, that’s for anyone who doesn’t plan to play Xbox games online, which seems a lot more appealing after yesterday’s announced price cut of the Xbox One.

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