Kotobukiya Reveals Their Latest Bishoujo Statue — FRIDAY THE 13TH’s Jason Voorhees

Kotobukiya is adding another femme fatale figurine to their Bishoujo Statue line in the guise of everyone’s’ favorite Camp Crystal Lake killer, Jason Voorhees. If you aren’t familiar with the Japanese collectible maker, they’re known for reimagining comic book, video game, and movie heroines in an anime/manga fashion, amongst other awesome collectable statuettes. The Jason figurine is part of a Freddy vs. Jason series, both set to release later this year for $69.99 each.

While the Bishoujo Freddy has been revealed to stand at 7 inches tall, Jason hovers above Freddy an additional inch and a half higher, wielding an axe in one hand, machete in the other.

This new character interpretation is brought to you by famed Japanese illustrator Shunya Yamashita who reimagines the slasher sporting the iconic mask in tattered jeans and top while standing atop a Crystal Lake-colored base. Similar to other bishoujo figurines, Jason’s muscular physique is highlighted along with an adorable look on her face that could kill.

Take a closer look at Jason below:

Both the Freddy and Jason Bishoujo statues are available for pre-orders now with the Freddy statue available in October 2014 and Jason in November 2014.

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