Kevin Spacey Evils it Up in First CALL OF DUTY: ADVANCED WARFARE Trailer

Looks like those rumors of Kevin Spacey playing the villain in the next Call of Duty were spot on. Based on the new trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the Academy Award-winning actor appears to be some kind of corporate heavy in the futuristic shooter from series newcomers Sledgehammer Games.

And we have a release date: November 4th, 2014 (question: will this be split-gen, or just current-gen and PC?).

Some quick observations about the trailer: first, between the super suits, high jumps, and future guns, if this isn’t a direct response to Titanfall, I don’t know what is. Second, Sledgehammer has crafted some very, very Elysium-y designs seem to have made their way into the game, making me very curious how they’ll actually impact the shooter mechanically (plus, I’m wondering if abilities like wall-climbing will make their way into multiplayer). Also, the trailer spends a lot of time on the presumably very expensive Spacey: We don’t have anything in the way of a hero to focus on here, just a sinister business guy in future suit-sans-tie.

The trailer notes that this Advanced Warfare is running on the Xbox One, and yes, it does look very, very good. I just can’t wait to hear more about how this bad boy plays.

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