John Barrowman is Coming to ARROW Full Time!

Following last night’s completely off the charts season finale of Arrow, one of the larger lingering questions fans have is, “what is going to happen with Thea and Malcolm?” Well, today we got somewhat of an answer as to how much time will be devoted the arc next season, and of all people, that answer came from series star Stephen Amell:

So, the lovable John Barrowman has finally been made a series regular, huh? That is some excellent news right there. Malcolm Merlyn has always been one of the most dynamic characters on Arrow, and after spending two seasons building up not only the man’s skill but his influence over others, it’s about time things came to a head in Season 3.

What does this mean for Thea? That is the question. Will she fully embrace her Speedy roots and take up a mask of her own? Perhaps so she can take away from The Arrow what The Arrow took from her, the love of her life (Roy may not be dead, but his life is now completely dedicated to the vigilante lifestyle)?

Hopefully this will also make the League of Assassins a real presence in Season 3. Of course by that we mean we really want to see Ra’s al Ghul. Enough talking about the man, let’s get a glimpse at the head of the League and the man who, according to Malcolm, gave Oliver purpose in Nanda Parbat. Ra’s al Ghul, Berlanti, make it happen!

Are you guys pumped to see Barrowman jump on as a series regular? Let us know in the comments below.