[UPDATE]Is PARENTHOOD on the Brink of Cancellation?

Parenthood has officially been renewed for a final 13-episode season.

Parenthood, the not-very-broad but critically adored family-drama from Friday Night Lights scribe Jason Katims, has been a staple of the NBC lineup since its premiere in 2010. Despite initially facing behind-the-scenes complication with the unplanned replacement of Maura Tierney in the role of Sarah Braverman, the series has turned itself into a show audiences deeply love (and hate, for the amount of tissues they have to buy every week). The current word is that the show is set to be renewed for one final, short-order season, but now it seems everything might be in jeopardy.

Because the show boasts such a large ensemble cast of very A-list talent (Sam Jaeger alone already has a role in Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper), according to Deadline Hollywood, in an attempt to cut costs, NBC has apparently asked the cast to lower their episode guarantee from 13 to 9. This would mean that, under the preposed deal, every actor would only appear in (and get paid for) 9 of the rumored 13 episodes the network is looking to order. The cast, however, each want to be guaranteed for the full 13-episode order in their contracts.

It would be a shame to think one of the best dramas on television could have the rug pulled out from under it all because of a contract dispute, but as it stands, this battle over episode count could go that way. With NBC set to formally announce its fall schedule on Sunday, the clock is ticking.

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