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[UPDATE] Charlie Cox is Marvel’s Daredevil

UPDATE: Variety has confirmed this as true. Charlie Cox will play Daredevil in the upcoming series.

The Marvel news train has apparently become the “villain” from Tony Scott’s Unstoppable as it continues to barrel down the tracks of internet insanity. It began last Friday when it was announced that Edgar Wright had left the Ant-Man film he’d been developing for nearly eight years, an announcement that was later followed up with rumors that the director left the project over various re-writes that were made to the original script created with Joe Cornish. The train then rolled through Saturday when it was revealed Drew Goddard was stepping down from the upcoming Netflix adaptation of Daredevil to focus his attention on Sony’s Sinister Six. In his place, fellow Whedon-school alum Steven S. DeKnight (Spartacus) took over as showrunner. Now, in relation to Daredevil, a new rumor comes courtesy of the folks over at Latino-Review.

There’s been much speculation over who would play the man without fear, the most high-profile name in the mix being Michael C. Hall, who’s on the hunt for a new project now that Dexter is over. Today, the outlet reports Boardwalk Empire’s Charlie Cox is the frontrunner to play the blind superhero. El Mayimbe does state in his report the news is currently unconfirmed but comes from a trustworthy enough source to post.

Without knowing the tone Marvel Television is going for, it’s hard to say if Cox is the right choice for the part, but he definitely fits the Marvel bill of not having a major break-out roll yet, despite having an extensive body of work. Honestly, at this point, when it comes to casting we should just let Marvel do its thing because they haven’t screwed up once so far on that front.

What do you think about Cox as Daredevil? Who would you like to see play the part? Let us know below!

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