Grab Your Capes! It’s the First Official BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Gameplay Trailer

In the new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer, the Scarecrow is gathering the villains of Gotham City to do a little bat hunting, and our Caped Crusader is faced with his most formidable challenge yet. To top things off, he also has to deal with the shadowy and mysterious Arkham Knight, who seems like a handful just by himself. Luckily for Mr. Wayne, there’s something very fast in his arsenal that’s assuredly going to to even the odds, which you can see for yourself in the gameplay trailer that follows:

We learned back in March that Arkham Knight would be 5 times bigger than Batman: Arkham City, and you’ll be able to tear through the streets in that sexy Batmobile just as seen in the video. Yet another reason why owning a next-gen console or a high-end PC is probably your best bet for this holiday season.

Did the latest Arkham Knight trailer just rock your world? Tell us what the video did to your bat-chesticles in the comments.

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