GODZILLA 2 Already in the Works

Well, that was quite quick. After being asked about the possibility of a sequel from the very first press screening, and the answer being “we’ll have to see how the first one does,” it appears that Legendary and Warner Bros. are sufficiently happy to begin work on a sequel to Godzilla, which is the worldwide box office #1 this weekend.

The news was reported to Deadline on Sunday – after raking in over $100 million worldwide this weekend, and a staggering $93 million here in the States (the biggest opening of the year so far), Godzilla seems to have proven enough of a hit to warrant venturing into those monster-filled waters again. The sequel plans were in the works already, of course, but this weekend proved its viability.

Director Gareth Edwards has said, were he to do a sequel, he’d employ the same restraint as he did with the first, which did a masterful job of making us wait for more than a fleeting glimpse of the 350-foot dinosaur thing. With many fans wishing for more of the giant monster in the first film, the announcement of a second go-round for the massive monster-fighting monster is surely music to their ears. What we all want to know, however, is whether any of Toho studios’ other famous monsters will appear in a Godzilla sequel. Perhaps Mothra or Rodan? Maybe in a couple of years, a full remake of Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster will be in the cards, which was The Avengersof kaiju team-ups.

Are you excited to see more of Edwards’ take on Godzilla? Which monster would you like to see him fight/team up with in a sequel?

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