Get Your First Look at Rick in the Season 5 Premiere of THE WALKING DEAD

You didn’t think we were going to leave you basic cable lovers hanging during broadcast television’s upfront week, did you? Come on, you should know us better than that! That’s why today we have your first look at (wait for it) Season 5 of The Walking Dead. Squee!

Yes, the zombie drama is coming back this fall. Feast your eyes on this nice close-up of Rick looking cool as shit in the first episode of the season:


The show has just started principle photography in Atlanta, with the premiere set for October.

Dedicated viewers (I.E. all of you) will remember last season took the gang on a hell of a ride after everyone was forced to separate following The Governor’s attack on the prison. After multiple episodes of emotional pitfalls (“Flowers” anybody?), Rick, Carl and the rest of the group finally made it to Terminus just in time to be placed inside a train car until the citizens of the “refuge” could decide what to do with them.

Is this where we finally meet the cannibals of the comics? There’s so much to ponder!

The series went out on a high note last season with a chart-setting 15.7 million viewers, and 10.2 million in the coveted 18-49 demo. America loves its zombies and so far, it looks everyone’s going to have a lot more to love come October.

What are you most looking forward to going into next season of The Walking Dead?

HT: TV By The Numbers

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