Fans Recreate Neo-Tokyo in Live-Action AKIRA Trailer

While we wait for Hollywood’s on again/off again live-action Akira to get off the ground, the team from The Akira Project would like for you to see something.

This crowdfunded trailer from fans of the seminal manga and the anime it inspired went all-out on this production, which hits a lot of the visually iconic beats from Katsuhiro Otomo’s masterpiece: the night-time bike ride, Tetsuo’s (Xavier Yuvens) unfortunate first encounter with one of the esper kids, and the final hilltop confrontation between Tetsuo and Kaneda (Osric Chau), which doesn’t go so well for the city.

So what do you think? The production value is mostly there (the seams show a little during the docks fight, but any scene set on the docks will, by its very nature, look kind of cheap). The props and costumes are quite cool and I’m sure someone out there is wondering if they can crowdfund a line of Kaneda’s jackets. And yes, I would like to order one in a medium.

Overall, it’s impressive for a production that shot for three days back in 2012. The Canadian team that makes up The Akira Project and Cineground Productions got all of their footage at the start of November of that year, after reaching half of their Indiegogo campaign’s $7,500 goal.

Some of you might recognize Osric Chau, the actor playing Kaneda: he played Kevin on the most recent couple of seasons of Supernatural and served as the executive producer for The Akira Project. Perhaps the other big “get” here is veteran voice actor George Manley (Full Metal Alchemist, Bodacious Space Pirates) who supplied the voice of the Colonel.

Is this a version of Akira you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below.