Ed Boon Teases A Tenth MORTAL KOMBAT On Twitter, Again

Ed Boon is known to be one of the most notorious twitter-trolling game developers alive, right up next to Hideo Kojima. In his most recent of shenanigans, Boon just couldn’t let Mario Kart 8 hog all of the MK acronym glory and decided to give us yet another subliminal tease of a tenth Mortal Kombat installment via his personal twitter.

Good one, Sir Boon! Though this isn’t an official confirmation, it definitely reaffirms that another Mortal Kombat is indeed on the way. We got our first inkling of a new installment back in February when Kiefer Sutherland let it slip that he’d recently worked on an MK game. Expect to hear an official announcement in the coming weeks leading up to E3.

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