Disney TV Animation Studios Presents Man Vs. Machine: The Robot Show!

This past Tuesday, April 29th, Disney Television Animation hosted an art gallery event called Man Vs. Machine: The Robot Show! at their studio headquarters in Glendale, California. The talented artists, executives and staff that make up the Disney Machine were invited to squeeze some extra curricular creative juice and submit a piece of art to be featured in this eclectic, and frankly, pretty darn wonderful collection of examples of the theme.

The thing that made this event a real stand-out is that while there were fantastic pieces by folks that are already well known for being über creative – like Dan Povenmire (from the Emmy Award-winning “Phineas and Ferb”, seen above) – anyone working at DTA was welcome to submit.

It’s nice to see a company recognizing that just because someone is “back office” or “below the line” doesn’t mean they aren’t creative, or don’t have art in their hearts burning to be expressed. Here’s a quick little round up of some of the pieces exhibited that night:


Also in attendance was Paul Rudish – the man behind those awesome super stylized Mickey Mouse shorts. If you haven’t seen these yet, do check them out, they’re a delight.

Croissant de Triomphe on Disney Video

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