Die From More Than Dysentery in A MILLION WAYS TO DIE’s 8-Bit Video Game

Seth MacFarlane has pretty much mastered the art of making us laugh. From television’s Family Guy to the silver screen’s Ted, insanity isn’t far from the talented maestro. His latest project, A Million Ways To Die In The West, doesn’t stray far from the hilarity and now MacFarlene is taking another step in comedic gold with the 8-bit game, Trail to Old Stump.1

The Adult Swim game, which is an Oregon Trail homage, follows you and your merry band of misfits as you help to herd some sheep through the wild, and ridiculously dangerous, West.

6While you can expect things like dysentery to take down a few of your friends, spiritual journeys, random broken legs, and wolf attacks will also haunting your every move. Basically, you can die a million different ways in this game without any warning. You can’t help but laugh and mini rage at it all though, as each death occurs with such absurdity.

There are various nods to games like Frogger and other gems I’ll keep secret, so make sure you play through the whole game. The chiptune music is quite fitting as well, and of course, there are many references to the movie.

A Million Ways To Die In The West hits theaters at the end of the month on May 30th.

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