David Tennant and Olivia Colman Will Be Back for Season 2 of BROADCHURCH

Need more David Tennant in your life? Of course you do. You’ll not only see the actor in the upcoming American remake of Broadchurch, Gracepoint, but he’ll also be returning for Season 2 of ITV’s Broadchurch. The series is headed into production in Dorset, England, and the network has confirmed that, along with Tennant as Detective Alec Hardy, Olivia Colman will reprise her role as Detective Ellie Miller.

The familiar faces don’t stop there. In a surprising move, Andrew Buchan and Jodie Whittaker (Mark and Beth Latimer) and Arthur Darvill (Reverend Paul Coates) are also coming back for the second season. I can sort of understand having Darvill in the line-up. I’d prefer seeing fresh faces aside from the detectives, but he could be tied into the story. However, I can’t wrap my head around why Whittaker and Buchan are back. They were obviously a key part of the first season as Danny’s parents, but they also found closure when his murder was solved at the end of the season.

Perhaps Whittaker and Buchan won’t be series regulars in Season 2? Broadchurch isn’t exactly a giant city and running into them during the regular course of business would be expected. I hope that’s the case instead of pulling them into the central plot again.

And speaking of that plot, it is locked down and cloaked in secrecy just like it was in Season 1. Chris Chibnall, creator of the series, will also be penning Season 2.

If you need a Broadchurch-esque fix right now, watch the first trailer for Gracepoint.

HT: Deadline

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